Peddinghaus wins hands-down in Las Vegas

Fabricators cashed in their chips with Peddinghaus...

Fabricators cashed in their chips with Peddinghaus... Peddinghaus empowered fabricators at FABTECH 2012 with groundbreaking technology, and powerful designs. The HSFDB plate processor and Anglemaster-HD were on display like never before, as visitors were encouraged to touch and feel the difference that Peddinghaus quality presents. A bold statement to be made, Peddinghaus stripped away the outside of the machine to illustrate that strength truly starts on the inside.

Exhibited for the first time, the Anglemaster-HD received high praise in Las Vegas for its robust design, and cutting edge material sensing technology. The Peddinghaus engineering team has done it again, as this latest addition to the Anglemaster line-up encompasses every aspect of Peddinghaus design - Smarter, Faster, and Stronger.

We look forward to seeing you next year as FABTECH returns to our home in Chicago, Illinois - USA!

Carl G. (Anton) Peddinghaus - C.E.O.

Lyle Menke - Vice President