Peddinghaus Presents at IMCA Meeting
Posted On: 3/16/2011
Peddinghaus supports advancements in Mexican steel construction through technology
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Peddinghaus provided an international perspective at the 2011 IMCA International Symposium this May 9th-11th, in Pachuca, Hidalgo - Mexico

The IMCA( Instituto Mexicano de la Construccion en Acero or Mexican Institute of Steel Construction) holds this semi-annual event to bring Mexican fabricators, and other industry professionals to the very cutting edge of industry practices and technology.

Peddinghaus Director of Latin American Operations Jose Cavazos Stated "It is important for Mexico to continue innovating in its steel construction methods to effectively compete against other materials in today's construction marketplace. At Peddinghaus we believe that there is always a solution in steel. With the application of superior technology, fabricated steel can easily maintain its market position and continue to grow even in today's complex global marketplace."

The IMCA continues to be a major governing body for steel construction design, fabrication, and engineering specifications. By continuing to educate, and inform tradesmen throughout Mexico, Peddinghaus is proud to be an active supporter of this positive industry influence.

For more information on Peddinghaus and its Latin American operations please contact sales@peddinghaus.com for further details.

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