The PeddiNews magazine is published by Peddinghaus Corporation - the acknowledged global leader in the manufacturing of Steel Fabricating equipment. The magazine chronicles not only structural steel fabricators but steel service centers, and manufacturers that use Peddinghaus equipment including: beam drill lines, angle lines, automatic copers, plate processors, ironworkers, and band saws.

These punching, drilling, coping, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines are employed to cut costs, enhance efficiency, and generate profits from a wide array of industries. PeddiNews also covers many leading BIM, Nesting, and MRP software techniques for use with Peddinghaus CNC equipment and also discusses other processes such as painting, shot blasting, welding, and more!

PeddiNews Archives
PeddiNews Autumn 2014
Volume 47
Posted On: 11/10/2014

New Industries
ISM H. Shulz
New PeddiWriter Debut

Peddinghaus Steel Fabricators' Review Spring 2014
Volume 46 - SPRING 2014
Posted On: 5/15/2014

ASN Industrial

Peddinghaus Steel Fabricators' Review Winter 2014
Volume 45 - WINTER 2014
Posted On: 2/26/2014

ACL Steel
Harrell's Metal Works
Doherty Steel
Tri-State Ironworks, Inc.

Peddinghaus Steel Fabricators' Review Autumn 2013
Volume 44 - AUTUMN 2013
Posted On: 10/10/2013

Fought and Company
Herkal Steel
HSFDB-C Plate Processor

Peddinghaus Steel Fabricators' Review Spring 2013
Volume 43 - SPRING 2013
Posted On: 4/8/2013

Koenig Ironworks
JT Steel
Laurel Machine Co.
NASCC 2013

PeddiNews Magazine
What's New At Peddinghaus
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Posted On: 2/27/2015
"My Peddinghaus Story" HEISCO
Posted On: 2/19/2015
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