Global Support:
At Peddinghaus service is priority number 1. Peddinghaus' global team of customer support representatives are on duty, on call, all the time at our very own 24 hour customer support center. Combined with state-of-the-art remote diagnostic software, readily available local field support, and the industry leading warranty - support from Peddinghaus is only a call or a click away.
24 Hour Customer Service:
The Peddinghaus state-of-the-art Service Center continues to grow to serve you even better - and is now available 24 hours a day!
  • 60+ trained traveling field service technicians for onsite assistance
  • 20+ Knowledgeable telephone technicians - with a collective 70+ years of Peddinghaus field experience
  • Complete training facility for operators and programmers
Modern Remote Assistance:
The only 24 hour service facility in the machine tool world is readily equipped with modern remote assistance technology to remotely diagnose machine questions or issues.

With the flexibility of the powerful Siemens control, and modern remote internet software, Peddinghaus technicians can view the control screen of the machine in question with ease.

Nearly 90% of service issues can be solved without the need for a service visit using this technology. To request remote assistance: Click Here
Web Cam Support:
Not every problem can be diagnosed with remote assistance. Mechanical issues or questions that require the human eye are still common. Peddinghaus machines are shipped with high definition web cams and software, allowing Peddinghaus employees to vividly experience the activity at the installation without the need to leave the office.

This feature is also available as an upgrade to all existing Peddinghaus machines maintaining a windows interface.
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