The Anglemaster-HD

The Anglemaster-HD processes angle stock up to 200mm × 200mm × 25mm (8" × 8" × 1") and flat bar up to 300mm × 25mm (12" × 1") using the following features:

  • Three speed 153 metric ton (169 inch ton) punch cylinders with triple tool press configurations
  • A 467 metric ton (515 inch ton) shear cylinder with single cut tooling
  • Advanced SmartCylinder© technology for automatic speed adjustment of hydraulic cylinders per section size
  • Comprehensive material dimensioning system which allows for short stroke methods of punching/shearing PLUS programmed section size verification
  • Patented Roller Measurement©
  • Optional SignoScript carbide scribing
  • Optional SignoMat part stamping

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HSFDB 1800/2500/3200

Structural steel fabricators, steel service centers, and manufacturers have all experienced the benefits of this machine first-hand:

  • High Speed Carbide Drilling, Tapping, Countersinking, Plasma / Oxy-Fuel cutting, and Carbide Scribing for heavy plate.
  • A Powerful 48 HP / 36 kW Siemens spindle specific servo motor for maximum torque and capable of up to 2250 RPM.
  • Break-neck drilling speeds and feeds due to unparalleled material clamping.
  • Versatile material handling capabilities with Roller Measurement technology. Save on floorspace and increase your throughput with this patented material handling concept.
  • Process the largest holes in the thickest plate with a new Oversized Drilling Option capable of maximizing tool life in the most rugged applications.
  • Tackle high tensile steel projects with ease for a wide variety of abrasion resistant applications using the HSFDB.
  • Take advantage of the total pass through process with several parts conveyor options to eliminate manual handling, and expedite production.
  • Experience as little as 4-5% scrap ratios in common nests due to Peddinghaus' unique cutting methods.

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The PeddiWriter CNC Layout Marking Machine

Easily integrated into an existing system, the PeddiWriter can:

  • Mark on all 4 sides of a profile as a standalone operation without slowing other processes
  • Layout faster and more effectively than ever before with a dual torch system – do the work of an entire team of layout personnel with a single machine!
  • Minimize the potential for human error by reducing manual practices
  • Utilize your drill line for drilling operations by relying on an offline marking station – increasing efficiency and maximizing throughput
  • Provide automated measurement for band saw cutting when placed in tandem

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ZEMAN - Steel Beam Assembler

This technology offers:

  • A major cut in production time and costs
  • A solution for the bottleneck of manual fitting and welding
  • The highest quality product and a continuous increase of production capacity

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