New Robotic Plate Cutting Feature Available on the PeddiBot-1200

Watching:New Robotic Plate Cutting Feature Available on the PeddiBot-1200

The PeddiBot-1200 sets a new standard by offering an entire fabrication center in a single machine. Plate cutting is achieved with an optional cutting bed attachment. For fabricators looking to increase plate processing capacity without losing shop space, this accessory allows for the cutting of plate parts on the same machine that cuts beams.

Enjoy continuous processing without the footprint of multiple machines. The optional plate cutting bed comes equipped with four additional guiding wheels and utilizes the PeddiBot-1200's laser measurement system for invariable cutting quality. By making use of the existing conveyors, the automatic cutting cycle is maintained.

The PeddiBot-1200's impeccable measurement and proven repeatability supply perfectly accurate parts faster than traditional burntable systems and manual plate measurement processes. Take advantage of cost savings offered by a compact, versatile and more productive option for processing plate.

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