Production, Profit and Peddinghaus CNC

Watching:Production, Profit and Peddinghaus CNC

Structural steel fabrication and erection is in the Wozniczka bloodline and leads them to fabricate everything from buildings to large trusses to bridges. JPW is an AISC approved fabricator as well as an ASME shop for design/build of pressure vessels and heat exchangers. Their versatility leads them to fabricate bridges for the New York DOT.

With great versatility, comes great capacity. In 2016, JPW expressed the need for some reliable, heavy-duty machinery to keep up with their client’s demands. The Wozniczka family decided the time was right to invest in a Peddinghaus BDL-1250/9D drill line, a 1250-600 band saw and a PeddiWriter.

"Recently we completed a 5,000 ton project for Novellus Corporation in Oswego, NY. Fifteen years ago that would have been only a dream. Now, it is a wonderful reality. The capacity of this equipment is helping us to grow further and further in our industry. We are able to work now as subcontractors with other fabricators on various sized jobs. Since we "do-it-all", many fabricators and general contractors are taking notice of our capabilities."

JPW Companies, Inc.

We deal with a lot of different manufacturers in our shop. By far Peddinghaus provides the best service in the industry.

John P. Woznicka III

President | JPW Companies, Inc.

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