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My Peddinghaus Story: SteelPro

In a world where success is often measured by bottom lines and profit margins, SteelPro stands as a beacon of inspiration - a reminder that with dedication, ingenuity and a relentless pursuit of excellence, anything is possible. Before implementing the Peddi XDM-630, SteelPro faced numerous hurdles in fabricating stair stringers. Among these...

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PeddiNews: Issue 69

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial manufacturing, robotics has become a cornerstone of efficiency and productivity. Nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of welding, where precision and efficiency are paramount. As we step into 2024, we find

peddinews magazine
My Peddinghaus Story: S&S Welding

Down in sunny Bartow, Florida, S&S Welding recently revolutionized their 110,000-square-foot steel fabrication shop. With over two decades of experience in structural steel, S&S knows the time to embrace automation is now or never. In the last 6 months, S&S commissioned a new PeddiAssembler robotic welding system, an SPS plate sor...

my peddinghaus story
Power Your Way to Profit

At year's end, it's hard for fabricators to quantify all the lost time in their shop. The PeddiAssembler sweeps up countless money pits like crane usage, tape pulling, layout marking, cumbersome programming, material handling, excess tacking, inexperienced welds and more. Now fabricators know that each piece of steel leaving the shop has the least am...

robotic welding
NASCC San Antonio 2024 Recap

This NASCC, Peddinghaus welcomed over 1,000 guests to our booth and customer appreciation event! To all those who helped make San Antonio a bash to remember, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you missed this year's event, you can catch the highlights inside the recap video! Below you will find links to the professional photos tak...

nascc san antonio
PeddiNews: Issue 69

NASCC is back and bigger than ever, and so is PeddiNews! We couldn't be more excited to see you on the show floor next week, so we're celebrating with a special magazine release. Read PeddiNews Issue 69 >

peddinews magazine
Wednesday, March 20th After NASCC

Mark your calendar and get ready to party with Peddinghaus! We're hosting the event of the year this NASCC. When - Wednesday, March 20thWhere - The Aztec Theatre San AntonioTime - Doors Open @ 7:00pmEntertainment - Former Tight End Rob Gronkowski, Comedian Sam Morril, and The Emerald City Band Get ready for an unforg...

nascc san antonio
My Peddinghaus Story: Garrison Steel

The PeddiAssembler proved to be a game-changer for Garrison Steel, replacing eight fitting stations and offering an astounding 80% increase in efficiency compared to the manual fitting process. The machine's ability to perform operations that would typically take 6-7 manhours in just 30-45 minutes has alleviated concerns and demonstrated its...

my peddinghaus story
We Don't Just Deck the Halls - We Griswold Them!

From our festive headquarters to yours, we wish you a very merry holiday season! It was our pleasure doing business with you in 2023 and we are looking forward to another year filled with opportunity and success. With your partnership and continued support, an exciting 2024 lies ahead. To top off the year, bask in the glow of this spe...

holiday video 2023
My Peddinghaus Story: Kansas City Structural

Efficiency in material flow is a critical component of any steel fabricator’s operation. With a unique approach, Kansas City Structural optimized the layout of their machinery to ensure a smooth and rapid movement of material through the main facility, cutting their handling down by over 50%. Wide flange beams are received on the west side of t...

my peddinghaus story
My Peddinghaus Story: Cooper Steel

Cooper Steel is a renowned company with three distinct shops, all driven by a shared objective: to manufacture top-notch products that exhibit unwavering quality across every shop. To ensure a consistent output, the company has implemented a uniform set of machinery in each of its facilities. Recognizing the significance of maintaining absolu...

my peddinghaus story
My Peddinghaus Story: Suwannee Iron Works

In the early stages of their research, before investing in Peddinghaus, Suwannee experimented with competitor machines as they sought cost-effective solutions for their fabrication needs. While these machines seemed like a reasonable choice at first, it became evident that they were unable to keep up with Suwannee's rapidly growing production goals....

my peddinghaus story
PeddiNews: Issue 68

In the heart of the fabrication industry, Suwannee Iron Works stands tall as a testament to hard work and the power of cutting-edge technology. Founded in 2007 by Ernie Caparelli and his brother, Sem Caparelli, the company has flourished into an industry leader under their guidance. The rapid growth of Suwannee has been nothing short of astounding, e...

peddinews magazine
PeddiNews: Issue 68

Reflow | Doherty Steel. Because of Doherty Steel’s reputation for providing customers with high-quality structural steel fabrication and erection practices on time and within budget, they decided to rethink and rebuild the shop with the goal of increasing tonnage. Now they’re moving some serious material. “In the past...

peddinews magazine
PeddiNews: Issue 68

30 years ago, Kansas City Structural emerged in a modest 40x40’ workshop, marking the humble beginning of a journey to unfold. Led by Owner and Founder, Tim Olah, and the support of a few employees, the company embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between steel fabricators and steel erectors, fixing the mistakes of other fabricators by metic...

peddinews magazine
Download Your Photos

To all those who helped make FABTECH Chicago a show to remember, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you missed this year's event, you can catch the highlights inside our recap video! The Highstool Prophets Irish band rocked the house at the Peddinghaus Customer Appreciation Event! The highlight of the night was the uproarious perf...

fabtech chicago
PeddiNews: Issue 68

FABTECH is back and better than ever, and so is PeddiNews! We couldn't be more excited to see you on the show floor next week, which is why we're celebrating with a special magazine release. Read PeddiNews Issue 68 >

peddinews magazine
Join Us in Booth #A1352

North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event is returning to its home venue at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois this September 11th-14th! Hosted by the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association (FMA), FABTECH provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ to meet with world-class suppliers like Peddinghaus Corpora...

fabtech chicago
PeddiNews: Issue 68

Drilling and sawing are as necessary as breathing air in structural steel fabrication, and achieving a seamless workflow between these operations is crucial for maximizing efficiency and throughput. Thanks to the modular design of Peddinghaus machinery, innovative drill/saw tandem systems allow for a customized arrangement that perfectly suits the ne...

drill saw tandem
PeddiNews: Issue 67

While working in the maintenance department at a local tire plant in 1960, J. Kenneth (“Kenny”) Cooper began welding out of the back of his truck on the side. It didn’t take long to recognize the demand for his service and the business potential of his hobby. With more than enough of a market for small welded constructions in the Sh...

peddinews magazine
PeddiNews: Issue 62

Every employer has the same thought, "Does the right person for the job exist?" Picture this: an employee who never misses a shift, never takes a coffee break, gladly works weekend OT and never asks for a raise. Ever found one of those? If so, you are extremely lucky to have found such a rare species. The "human factor" involves each of us, and it is...

peddinews magazine
PeddiNews: Issue 67

Comprised of more than 9 million people, Mexico City is recognized as the 6th largest metropolitan area in the world and the most populous city in North America. Rightfully known as one of the most productive urban areas in Mexico, a short drive from this thriving metropolis leads you to the industrial heartland that is Metalitec. A global player in...

peddinews magazine
PeddiNews: Issue 67

Robotic welding technology is all the craze in today’s steel construction realm, but just the mention of the word “robot” often comes with some level of intimidation and...

profit software
My Peddinghaus Story: Metalitec

Like many other fabrication firms, Metalitec’s beginnings in steel construction were derived through the use of manual labor. With the advent of advanced technology, the company has been able to transform its operations to become more efficient, productive and profitable.

my peddinghaus story
NASCC Charlotte 2023 Recap

This NASCC, Peddinghaus welcomed over 1,000 guests to our booth and customer appreciation event. To all those who helped make Charlotte a bash to remember, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you missed this year's event, you can catch the highlights inside our recap video! The Peddinghaus team hosted an unforgettable night filled...

nascc charlotte
PeddiNews: Issue 67

Fasten your seatbelts, you're in for a wild ride this NASCC! Check out PeddiNews Issue 67 to hear from some of the top players in the steel industry today, including: Rodney Harden, Vice President of Plant Operations at Cooper Steel Enrique Calderón Pulido, General Director at Metalitec Charlie Carter, Presid...

peddinews magazine
Wednesday, April 12th 2023

Mark your calendar and get ready to rock, Peddinghaus is hosting the party of the year this NASCC in the Queen City. When - Wednesday, April 12th Where - The Fillmore Charlotte Time - Doors Open @ 7:00pm We'll kick the event off with th...

nascc charlotte
$25,000 Grand Prize

Back by popular demand, PeddiKaraoke is making its comeback in Charlotte, North Carolina this NASCC! Keep scrolling to find out how to enter for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime grand prize! 5 finalists will be pre-selected to perform LIVE on the Fillmore Charlotte stage Wednesday, April 12th at t...

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Stronger Than Steel sweatshirts are back in stock! Get yours today at the Peddinghaus Webstore. Shop >

Proof Robotic Welding Really Works

Each and every day at Peddinghaus, we see PeddiAssembler robotic welding systems succeed in the field. Bottlenecks at the welding stage limit how much material can be completed in a workweek. The amount of time it takes to accurately read a print, pull tape, mark the beam, check the mark, check the p...

Why Buy Used?

By remanufacturing critical mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components, SSSL offers the same high-quality and reliability as a brand new machine at a discounted price. Ever wondered what a total remanufacture looks like? Watch this video to find out!

My Peddinghaus Story: Wurst Stahlbau

After running their Peddinghaus TDK beam drill line for more than 30 years, the Wurst brothers begun searching for a wider range of processing capabilities. They needed an upgrade that could meet new customer demands - a machining center that could drill faster, mill copes, layout mark and miter cut for another 30+ years.

wurst stahlbau
Visit Us in Booth #3030

Visit Peddinghaus at SteelFab UAE in booth #5-3030 now through January 12th!

My Peddinghaus Story: Smith Ironworks

Smith Ironworks uncovered the hidden potential of the PeddiBot-1200 robotic thermal processor in 2021 when they were faced with a shortage of joists. A staple of steel construction, joists play a critical role in supporting the concentrated loads of a building. Without main member support, heavy constructions cannot be completed. Kelli and Blake comb...

smith ironworks
PeddiNews: Issue 66

Smith Ironworks is one of the names people call when they want good, quality work. Eddie Smith founded the company in 1994, and by 2014, he decided the time was right to enter the new age of steel fabrication. Alongside Eddie, his daughter and son-in-law, Kelli and Blake Weaver, purchased the company’s first CNC machine. The partnership between...

smith ironworks
PeddiNews: Issue 66

The Doherty name has long been associated with American structural steel fabrication. In 1959, James Doherty established what would later become Doherty Steel in his parent's garage. Like many fabricators, his early work in ornamental iron led him down the path of structural steel. Once steel is in your family bloodline, it tends to strengthen from g...

doherty steel
Watch the Recap Video and Download Your Photos

To all those who helped make FABTECH Atlanta a show to remember, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you missed this year's event, you can catch the highlights inside our recap video! Click the links below to view and download your favorite moments with Troy Aikman and John McEnroe: Ev...

fabtech atlanta
PeddiNews: Issue 66

FABTECH is back and better than ever, and so is PeddiNews! We couldn't be more excited to see you on the show floor next week, which is why we're celebrating with a special magazine release. In this edition, hear from some of the most brilliant minds in the steel industry, including: Chance Doherty, Vice President of Doherty St...

peddinews magazine
Visit Booth #B7867 November 8th-10th

FABTECH season is finally here and Peddinghaus is ready to reveal the best lineup of structural steel fabricating technology yet in booth B7867! FABTECH is deemed North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event hosted by the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association (FMA). The annual exhibition is set to fill the...

fabtech atlanta
PeddiNews: Issue 65

In the steel industry, it is not uncommon to hear the story of major fabrication companies getting their start in a small garage or tool shed as a one-man operation with a welder and a mag drill. For Jon Haas, the concept behind HME was derived from a brilliant business plan he created while working toward his master’s degree at the University...

hme peddinews
My Peddinghaus Story: Metals 2 Go

Making the switch from manual processing methods to new automated machinery can be intimidating. With the right machine tailored to their individual needs, Metals 2 Go has not only seen a 50% reduction in labor, but also a 25% increase in productivity. “My favorite project was this 35’ steel beam we ran right after installing the...

my peddinghaus story
PeddiNews: Issue 65

Heavy-duty steel processing naturally creates heavy vibration. Eliminating vibration is absolutely critical to producing high-quality, accurately processed parts. The good news is, the PeddiSubX-1120 is no stranger to accuracy. Intentionally designed to offset vibrat...

peddisubx-1120 clamping
PeddiNews: Issue 65

PeddiNews issue 65 is hot off the web! Featured in this special edition:  HME, Inc. Wurst Stahlbau John Cross Anton Peddinghaus Steel Stats How it Works: Moving Material Clamp on the PeddiSubX-1120 How to Make Money: Peddinghaus Material Handling Systems

peddinews magazine
My Peddinghaus Story: HME, Inc.

A cruise through the streets of downtown Topeka will lead you to a small, unsuspecting warehouse retrofitted to be utilized as a steel fabrication shop. This unique facility is home to HME’s new PeddiAssembler and four PeddiRotator weld stations. The cranes-free strategy behind the PeddiAssembler shop is that steel NEVER touches the ground.

hme my peddinghaus story
New Video Release: The Advantage-2

Triple-axis drilling and milling leads to processing a complete profile in record time. High-torque drilling axes and carbide tooling allow the Advantage-2 to chew through beams, channel, angle, tube and even flat bar. With a processing window of 44" wide and 18" tall, no profile can escape the reach of the Advantage-2.

See the Beast of Drilling in Action

The sheer speed of the PeddiSubX-1120 is making waves across the steel industry. When you can process copes, flange thins, weld preps, rat holes, scribes and even tool changes simultaneously, there's no going back. But don't just take our word for it - watch the PeddiSubX-1120 rip through this beam! Lear...

peddisubx-1120 speedrun
PeddiNews: Issue 64

This year, Peddinghaus released the fastest beam drill line the steel industry has ever seen - the PeddiSubX-1120. The latest machine from Peddinghaus has rewritten the book on innovation with the adoptio...

peddisubx-1120 beam line machine
PeddiNews: Issue 64

The evolution of machine tool technology has automated the structural steel industry. Long gone are the days of manual mag drilling and the time-consuming soapstone and tape measuring method for marking steel. The appeal of the

peddiassembler robotic welder
My Peddinghaus Story: Garbe Iron Works

Adding more machinery while gaining floor space is every fabricator's fantasy, and a perfect example of this lies within Garbe Iron Work's facility in Aurora, IL. Drilling, sawing and coping operations are efficiently executed all within their 740 sq ft machine shed.

garbe iron works
PeddiNews: Issue 64

An impressive 103 years ago, Frank Garbe established Garbe Iron Works (GIW) in Aurora, Illinois - USA, on the banks of the Fox River, where the shop still stands today. Soon after, Frank passed the steel torch to his son, Jim Garbe, who served as president of the company until the 70s. In comes Terry Peshia, who unknowingly began his career in struct...

garbe iron works
Visit Booth #1520 May 3rd-5th

Don't miss Peddinghaus at FABTECH Mexico 2022 at the Cintermex International Convention and Exhibition Center in Monterrey for the leading metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event in Latin America! To learn more about Peddinghaus in Latin America, contact Jose Cavazos:

fabtech mexico
New Machine Release

The latest machine from Peddinghaus, the PeddiSubX-1120, has rewritten the book on innovation with the adoption of multi-spindle Sub-X engineering. Drilling, milling, coping, layout marking and more have been accelerated to a level never before seen.

peddisubx-1120 beam line machine
Check Out the Recap

This NASCC, Peddinghaus welcomed over 1,000 wonderful guests to our booth and customer appreciation event. To all those who helped make Denver a bash to remember, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you missed this year's event, you can catch the highlights inside our recap video!

nascc denver
PeddiNews: Issue 64

PeddiNews has entered the chat. Featured in this special edition: Metals 2 Go Garbe Iron Works John Cross Scott Melnick NASCC Denver Automatic profile rotation on the PeddiAssembler robotic welder The impact of Sub-X processing on the all-new PeddiSubX-1120 drill line

peddinews magazine
Save the Date: Wednesday, March 23rd

Mark your calendar, Peddinghaus is hosting the party of the year this NASCC! Join us for an unforgettable evening at The Mission Ballroom, Denver's newest and coolest party venue. Headlining this year's event are today's hottest American-Australian comedic personalities, Jim Jefferies and Amos Gill! You won't want to miss this hilarious duo,...

peddinghaus party
Complete Integration for a Seamless Operation

Having the best steel fabrication machinery is important, but shop layout and material handling efficiency are absolutely critical in helping fab shops turn a profit. Proper material handling means more production at less cost, resulting in lower overhead and a safer operation when transferring steel. The possibilities are endless with a conv...

structural steel material handling systems
New Video Release

The heart of fabrication beats stronger with the PeddiSubX-1120. No other drill line can complete copes, rat holes, flange thins and bolt holes in a matter of seconds. See the machine live in booth #1400 this NASCC! Learn More >

peddisubx-1120 teaser
Put Profit Over Production

This is far beyond turnkey. The Shop of the Future is the most advanced structural steel system to date. Peddinghaus and Zeman Lincoln Electric work in complete harmony to help fabricators meet deadlines with more speed, more accuracy and most of all, more profit.

shop of the future
Watch the PeddiWriter in Action

The PeddiWriter layout marking machine automates and accelerates the layout of structural sections. Non-intrusive marks clearly designate the placement of cutting and welding operations and are visible even after blasting, painting, coating or galvanizing. Watch as the PeddiWriter does the work of an entire team of layout personnel!

peddiwriter speedrun
My Peddinghaus Story: American Structural Metals

Among some of the most impressive steel structures in America lies the work of ASM. They never shy away from a project, no matter how complex. If there’s a structural project out there, ASM can confidently bid it with their Peddinghaus machinery. "The new Peddinghaus machines have been crucial to ASM’s success. Today, we’re able to...

my peddinghaus story
My Peddinghaus Story: Thomas Steel

With young blood driving the company, Jake Thomas has been able to double the output of the shop while simultaneously cutting material handling time in half. "Prior to investing in Peddinghaus machinery, we were focused on higher hours per ton work and only producing anywhere from 2,500-3,500 tons of steel annually. Now that we've partnered w...

my peddinghaus story
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Tis the season for cooler weather, changing leaves, football, bonfires and, of course, hoodies! That's right, enjoy the comfort of Peddinghaus quality in your shop and on your back this Fall! Our tagless heather grey hoodies are a 55% / 34% / 11% blend of cotton, polyester and fleece, so they are especially soft to the touch. These New Era zi...

stronger than steel apparel
View Your Favorite Show Moments

After nearly 2 years away from the show floor, it's hard to believe another FABTECH has already passed us by! In case you missed us, visit the Peddinghaus booth and special event inside our FABTECH recap video.

fabtech chicago
PeddiNews: Issue 63

FABTECH is back and better than ever, and so is PeddiNews! We couldn't be more excited to see you on the show floor next week, which is why we're celebrating with a special magazine release. In this edition, hear from some of the most brilliant minds in the steel industry, including: Jake Thomas, President and CEO of Thomas Ste...

peddinews magazine
Sign Up for a Chance to Outfit Your Shop

Want a chance to win apparel for your entire shop? Peddinghaus wants to keep your guys and gals looking sharp with a T-shirt giveaway! One grand prize winner will be selected at random, and everyone in their shop gets a shirt. Just text keyword 'WINNER' to 46331 or use the signup link below to be entered in the drawing. RULES:1. Only on...

peddinghaus stronger than steel apparel
See You at FABTECH Chicago

One pandemic and two years later, Peddinghaus is finally back on the show floor! We couldn’t be more excited to see you this September at FABTECH. North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event hosted by the FMA is returning to its home venue at McCormick Place in Chicago the 13th-16th. Don’t miss ou...

fabtech chicago
Get Yours Today at the Webstore

That's right, now enjoy the comfort of Peddinghaus quality in your shop and on your back! Made for your everyday wear and pleasure, these high-end New Era T-shirts come in black and heather grey. A comfortable 40% / 60% blend of ringspun combed cotton and polyester at a breathable 4.4 ounces with no tags makes for a soft everyday short-sleeve T. The...

stronger than steel apparel
My Peddinghaus Story: Performance Solutions

The team at Performance Solutions needed a machine that could do more than just drill holes and cut to length. Due to the wide variety of parts they run, a standard beam drill line wasn’t going to cut it. With the ability to drill, slot mill, cope mill, tap, countersink, scribe, straight cut and miter cut, the Peddi XDM-630 serves as the ideal...

peddi xdm-630 drill/saw
Save 10% with Promo Code FIRST10

We’re ditching our old webstore and unboxing something new for the most effortless online shopping experience. Designed with your needs in mind, enjoy features like real-time shipping estimates at checkout, order history for fast reordering, loyalty rewards and a fresh look! Now with order tracking, check the location of your shipments anytime...

peddinghaus webstore
My Peddinghaus Story: DyMark Industries

As a fabricator and an erector, DyMark offers some valuable insight into the day-to-day operations of an onsite construction project. They know the importance of perfect fit-up in the field and the pitfalls of being unprepared. "The PeddiAssembler benefits our customers the most because they're getting a high-quality product every time," Marc...

peddiassembler robotic welder
Watch the PeddiAssembler in Action

When skilled labor is hard to find, the PeddiAssembler is the complete solution. 11 parts, 36 tacks and 2 rotations finished in just over 18 minutes. All run by a single operator, watch this robotic welding machine excel in repeatability and reliability.

peddiassembler robotic welder
PeddiNews: Issue 62

Dymark Industries: The Search for the Perfect Fabricator. Every employer has the same thought, "Does the right person for the job exist?" Picture this: an employee who never misses a shift, never takes a coffee break, gladly works weekend OT and never asks for a raise. Ever found one of those? If so, you are extremely lucky to have found such a...

peddinews magazine
Live Sessions with Peddinghaus

The premier education and networking event for the structural steel industry is back! This NASCC, you can find Peddinghaus in virtual sessions featuring our very own drilling and robotic welding experts: 2:35pm CST on Monday, April 12th presenting the PeddiAssembler robotic welder 2:...

Intelligent Robotic Fabrication

The PeddiAssembler, powered by Zeman, is the absolute solution for steel beam assembly. This fabrication shop supercharger has been designed specifically to speed up one of the most time-consuming areas of the fabrication process. By freeing up crane usage, boost upstream CNC processes and tackle higher volume beam, column and tube projects....

peddiassembler robotic welder
PeddiNews: New Year's Edition

2021 is finally here, and we’re celebrating with a special edition PeddiNews magazine! In this edition, hear from brilliant minds in the steel industry, including John Rodgers, Charlie Carter, John Cross and wise words from Anton Peddinghaus himself. So grab your coffee, kick back and start your year off right with these good reads!:

peddinews magazine
Watch the PeddiAssembler in Action

When skilled labor is hard to find, the PeddiAssembler is the complete solution. 10 parts, 22 tacks and 3 rotations finished in less than 9 minutes. All run by a single operator, watch this robotic welding machine excel in repeatability and reliability. So you don't have to watch all 9 minutes, we condensed the video into 60 seconds. Happy viewing!

fabtech robotic welding
PeddiNews: John Cross Update

The election is over (there is a difference of opinion on what that means). The number of political advertisements has dropped dramatically (unless you live in Georgia). The pandemic is accelerating (or burning itself out). Two vaccines have shown greater than 90% effectiveness (it will be months befo...

john cross update
For the Latest in Structural Steel Fabrication Technology

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peddinghaus social media
PeddiNews: John Cross Update

On January 20th one of two things will happen. Either Donald Trump will be sworn in for a second term as President of the United States, or Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States. I can’t tell you which will occur, and I certainly won’t tell you which should occur – each of us needs to reach our own decision o...

john cross update
Are You Ready for the PeddiBot-1250?

Deep inside Peddinghaus, something unbelievable has unearthed. This is where robotic plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting and plasma ArcWriting meet. Devouring tonnage and spitting out profit, the PeddiBot-1250 is finally on the loose - and it’s coming for you soon! More Information & Request Quote...

robotic structural steel fabrication machine
PeddiNews: John Cross Update

In 1859, Charles Dickens captured the sentiment of his age as he began A Tale of Two Cities with the following thought:  Clearly, the fact that we are still in the middle of a pandemic disqualifies 2020 from being “the best of times”. But if we look just at the economy then maybe “the best” and &...

john cross update
View the New 410-DGA Video

The 410-DGA band saw is the most practical solution to any timely shop sawing operation! More than just any old band saw that merely separates a piece of steel, the 410-DGA wastes no time on manual measuring methods. Ditch the tape measures and process more per shift with the most economical saw components.

410-dga band saw
Watch the Peddinghaus HSFDB-C in Action

Your burntable could never. 242 assorted parts unloaded, 728 characters stamped and 772 holes drilled, the HSFDB-C reigns supreme as the high-speed solution for heavy plate production. Watch the Peddinghaus HSDFB-C plate processing machine finish this job in under 4 hours! More Information & Request...

hsfdb-c demo
PeddiNews: John Cross Update

I have been sharing my perspectives on where I see both the general and construction economy headed. I hope those insights have been helpful even if your shop is still filled with a healthy backlog. This month I want to go down a different path and explore how a structural steel fabricator might best manage the impacts of this economic downturn....

john cross update
View the New Peddinghaus Image Video

We do more than make machines for steel fabricators. We keep you ahead of the fabrication curve through unparalleled partnerships, constant research and development, industry-leading service, cutting-edge technology and quality components to create machines that are built to last. At Peddinghaus, our customers succeed.

stronger than steel
Watch the Peddinghaus BDL-1250/9D in Action

The sheer throughput of the BDL-1250/9D is a perfect fit for steel fabricators processing heavy-duty profiles like this W36x925 beam. Nine drill spindles boast faster processing times in drilling, tapping, countersinking and scribing. Proven to process an average of 200+ tons of structural steel per week, the BDL-1250/9D proudly serves some of the wo...

bdl-d drilling demo
PeddiNews: John Cross Update

I have a crystal ball on my desk. It was given to me after I spoke at an industry economic forecasting forum several years ago. I look at it every day, but not to see the future. The crystal ball is there to remind me that forecasting the construction economy is not about magic or wishing but about studying trends, examining data and listening to the...

john cross update
Increase Capacity Without Losing Shop Space

The PeddiBot-1200 sets a new standard by offering an entire fabrication center in a single machine. Plate cutting is achieved with an optional cutting bed attachment. For fabricators looking to increase plate processing capacity without losing shop space, this accessory allows for the cutting of plate parts on the same machine that cuts beams.

robotic thermal cutting
PeddiNews: John Cross Update

No, this is not an article about the 2020 Presidential election. Sorry to disappoint you! If there is any topic with more opinions surrounding it than the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, it would have to be the 2020 election.   The news over the past several weeks has been positive. Instead of continuing to drop, the May...

john cross update
Low-Cost Pre-Owned Equipment Solutions for Steel Fabricators

SSSL is Peddinghaus' associated used machinery remanufacture division. We teamed up to create solutions for steel fabricators looking to upgrade their shop at a value that is second to none. SSSL equipment is completely remanufactured by Peddinghaus trained employees to ensure that the quality of the finished product resembles that of a brand new Ped...

used machinery
PeddiNews: John Cross Update

No word better describes the current state of both the general economy and the construction industry economy than uncertain. Unlike most words with multiple definitions, every meaning of the word uncertain applies to our current situation. We are uncertain about the present, the future, the facts, the timing, and what all of this means to the constru...

john cross update
View the New PeddiBot-1200 Video

Designed to revolutionize your beam cutting production, see this advanced robotic technology take innovation further with a scanning system that measures deviations in material and then adapts the robot's cutting path to ensure perfect fitting - no probing necessary.

robotic thermal cutting
PeddiNews: John Cross Update

The structural steel industry and the broader construction industry are only starting to feel the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As discussed in last month’s article, the momentum of current construction projects typically carries the industry forward for between one and two quarters before feeling the impacts of a recession. However, in...

john cross update
PeddiNews: John Cross Update

Musings About the Future of Construction in an Interrupted World. Mark Twain is purported to have said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”As our country and world face the impact of a global pandemic, it is important to emphasize that the personal dimension of the pandemic in terms of its impact on the healt...

john cross update
PeddiUniversity Classroom Closure

Peddinghaus Corporation remains vigilant in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, and the safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. In addition to the public health and safety guidelines issued by CDC, the U.S. Government has implemented various travel restrictions in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus. In response to...

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My Peddinghaus Story: Northwest Steel Fab, Inc.

Northwest Steel Fab is embracing the robotic technology ripple and would like to share with you some of their smart factory ideas. Learn how you can start making your shop more automated today!

intelligent robotic fabrication
PeddiNews: Northwest Steel Fab, Inc.

In 2010, the American Welding Society (AWS) reported a shortage of 200,000 welders in the United States and projected by 2026 that number will nearly double at 372,000. Fast forward to 2020, the industry is now predicting a shortage of 400,000 welders by 2024. One thing is constant and growing, the industry-wide shortage of skilled workers. T...

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Drawing Wednesday, April 22nd at NASCC Atlanta

The Peddinghaus Beam Rotator Giveaway is approaching faster than you think! This year's giveaway will be held at the Peddinghaus NASCC Customer Appreciation Event in Atlanta. Join us at The Tabernacle on Wednesday, April 22nd at 7:00pm (formal invitation to follow). If you are unable to attend at the time of the drawing to claim your prize, Peddingha...

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PeddiNews: PeddiSubX-1120

Accelerate Production Timetables. A major difference between shops that succeed and shops that fall behind is the investment in new technology. The ability to recognize when the processes you are accustomed to are failing to meet industry standards is paramount to remaining competitive in the structural steel landscape. Peddinghaus has rewritte...

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My Peddinghaus Partnership: MEBA

At Peddinghaus, we not only build machines; we build partnerships. These relationships with global industry leaders provide you with the latest advancements in machinery. Success is often the result of teamwork, and with partners like MEBA, we combine structural forces to bring you the most powerful solutions. Together, our common goal is to ensure t...

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Visit Us in Booth #1130

If you haven't already, don't forget to register for the Middle East's largest trade show for the metal working, manufacturing and steel fabrication industries. Peddinghaus returns to The Expo Centre Sharjah to exhibit the latest advancements in structural steel fabrication machinery. Learn about new product lines and discover how they can fu...

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PeddiNews: Thanks is Too Small of a Word

It is hard to believe that 2019 will soon come to an end. What a marvelous year it has been for the entire steel construction industry! Our customers report record levels of sales, production and backlogs that track well into 2020. I am pleased to report that Peddinghaus has also benefited from a great economy for structural steel fabrication in 2019...

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PeddiNews: The Peddinghaus Line of Machines

Peddinghaus machines are world leaders in structural steel fabrication technology. Steel fabricators that own Peddinghaus machines uphold an advantage in the steel industry and have the ability to optimize tonnage capacity. Peddinghaus technology is renowned for withstanding the test of time since 1903.

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View Your Favorite Moments From the Show Floor

Another FABTECH has already passed us by! Peddinghaus presented this year's top technology for your fabrication needs including the PeddiAssembler robotic welder, HSFDB-C heavy plate processor, PeddiRotator beam rotator and 510-DGA band saw. Peddinghaus would like to extend a sincere thank you to those attendees who helped make FABTECH another succes...

fabtech 2019
View the New PeddiAssembler Video

November 11th-14th, see the next evolution in structural steel fabrication live at FABTECH Chicago! Tack and weld options on the PeddiAssembler allow fabricators to stay more nimble with each future project. Bottlenecks at the welding process can be alleviated with the tacking function of this robotic beam assembler and give welders a time boost by g...

peddiassembler robotic welding
PeddiNews: HSFDB-C

Today’s fabricators are still battling the quality and expense of outsourced plate production. Streamlining bevel cutting technology in-house offers fabricators increased efficiency for processing plate, eliminating inconsistencies in cut quality. With modern plasma technology, plate beveling on the Peddinghaus HSFDB-C is designed to be the hig...

hsfdb-c plate bevel cutting
Text Keyword 'WINNER' to 69922

The PeddiRotator is saving the necks, backs and knees of fitters, welders and painters worldwide! Compact, durable and safe, this beam rotator utilizes minimal space to make quick work of turning even the heaviest of steel profiles during welding processes. With installation and integration this effortless, every shop needs a PeddiRotator today. Just...

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PeddiNews: FABTECH Chicago 2019

Peddinghaus Showcases New Robotic Technology at FABTECH. FABTECH returns to Chicago, Illinois for North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. The annual exhibition hosted by the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association (FMA), is bringing together innovation and world-class CNC technology. With thousan...

fabtech chicago
My Peddinghaus Story: John Jones Steel

For over half a century, John Jones Steel has remained one of the largest and most advanced structural steel fabrication shops in New Zealand. Covering the entire south island with locations in both Christchurch and Timaru, they execute every stage of the fabrication process. With a PeddiBlast shot blasting system, PeddiWriter layout marking machine,...

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PeddiNews: Rodgers Metal Craft

Fortson, Georgia may be difficult to locate on a map of the United States but the rural, southern town is where Rodgers Metal Craft, Inc. has managed to become a major player within the structural steel industry. Serving the southeastern region of the United States, Rodgers is a leading heavy structural and miscellaneous steel fabricator. Flourishing...

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Learn About Raptor Light, Standard, Pro and Ultimate

Peddinghaus is a proud sponsor and supporter of our software partner, Tekla, and their Basecamp conference. The 3-day event will be taking place this year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania August 27th-29th. Tekla Basecamp provides attendees with the opportunity to network with industry peers and fine-tune 3D modeling techniques. Visit the Peddingha...

tekla basecamp
PeddiNews: Anglemaster-663

Serving as the industry's benchmark for productivity, the Anglemaster-663 caters to today's fabricators' need to automate punching, shearing and marking for angle and flat bar. A new and improved punch tool design allows for quicker and easier tool changes. The Anglemaster-663 can accommodate shaped holes such as squares, rectangles, obrounds and slo...

angle processing
My Peddinghaus Story: Alpha Iron

Located in the cozy town of Ridgefield, Washington, Alpha Iron is making waves all across the west coast. Expressing a need for the best equipment to produce speed and quality in production, Alpha purchased their first Peddinghaus machine, the PeddiRotator beam turning device. Shortly after, the shop came together with a Zeman SBA Compact+ robotic we...

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View the New Anglemaster-663 Video

Serving as the industry's benchmark for productivity, the Anglemaster-663 caters to today's fabricators' need to automate punching, shearing and marking for angle and flat bar. A redesigned patented Roller Feed flexes with the material, maximizing contact with the angle and flat bar and eliminating errors. No inconvenient gripper feeds, no manual mea...

PeddiNews: PeddiAssembler

When it comes to the final stage of steel production, quality and accuracy is critical. The PeddiAssembler, powered by Zeman, is designed for robotic assembly and welding of "ready to erect" steel structures. With the ability to perform tack welds and finish welds 360° around material, the PeddiAssembler is capable of increasing annual throughput...

structural steel robotic welding
View the New HSFDB-C Video

Peddinghaus has redefined plate processing with the HSFDB series of CNC plate processors. The HSFDB-C boasts features such as bevel cutting, SignoMat stamping and an expansive 12-station tool changer. Powerful drilling technology, unmatched material handling efficiency and superior design make the HSFDB-C the competitive edge of fabricators across th...

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My Peddinghaus Story: Capone Iron

When it comes to Peddinghaus equipment, Capone Iron has it all. This structural steel fabricator never misses the chance to invest in the next best from Peddinghaus. From drill lines and thermal copers to plate processors and shot blasters, the installation and integration process doesn't always come with ease. See how the team at Capone joined force...

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Peddinghaus wants to jazz your shop up with a brand new PeddiRotator worth up to $60,000! This compact device utilizes minimal space to make quick work of profile rotations during welding processes. Designed to turn the heaviest structural profiles and weld constructions without the need for a crane, the PeddiRotator is a seamless fit in any fabricat...

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Visit Booth #500 May 14th-17th in Melbourne

Peddinghaus returns to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre for Australia's premier advanced manufacturing and machine tool exhibition. The only show dedicated to the metalworking, machine tool and ancillary industries in Australia. Don't miss live machine demonstrations in booth #500 including the Anglemaster-643/Q and Ocean Libe...

austech 2019
View Your Favorite Moments From Booth #1607

The NASCC in St. Louis has already come to an end! Peddinghaus presented this year's top technology for your fabrication needs including the PeddiBot-1200 robotic thermal processor, Anglemaster-663 angle line, Peddi XDM-630 drill/saw combo, PeddiRotator beam turning device, 510-DGA band saw, PeddiMax ironworker and even the PeddiAssembler robotic wel...

nascc 2019
Wednesday, April 3rd

Peddinghaus is hosting the most-talked-about networking event of the year on Wednesday, April 3rd following the NASCC! Join us at The Pageant, St. Louis' Premiere Concert Nightclub, for an evening filled with live entertainment, food, drinks and great company. Don't miss the Peddinghaus Band Saw Giveaway announcement and special on-stage perf...

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PeddiNews: NASCC St. Louis 2019

The time has come for the only conference dedicated to the structural steel industry, the NASCC! The annual AISC-hosted event returns to St. Louis, home of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. With over 240 exhibitors showcasing everything from fabrication equipment to structural engineering software to over 4,500 industry professionals, this NASCC...

My Peddinghaus Story: Caunton Engineering

Caunton Engineering is one of the UK's leading fully computerized structural steel contractors and a global leader in 'Just-in-Time' structural fabrication. They offer a one-stop solution to virtually every steel construction need with directly employed erection and design teams. Comprised of three Peddinghaus drill/saw tandem systems and thr...

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My Peddinghaus Story: B&B Iron Works

From Italy to Hoboken, New Jersey, Mauro Belgiovine began his business journey in 1982 with nothing more than a few tools and a small garage. The President and Owner of B&B Iron Works, Inc., earnestly gained his customer base by going door to door in the neighborhood in search of miscellaneous metalwork. Today, B&B is a leader in stee...

b and b ironworks inc
Drawing Wednesday, April 3rd in Booth #1607 at the NASCC in St. Louis

The Peddinghaus band saw giveaway is approaching faster than you think! This year's giveaway will be held within the Peddinghaus booth at the NASCC in St. Louis. The drawing is set to take place on Wednesday, April 3rd in booth #1607 at 5:00PM CST, followed by an in-booth cocktail hour. If you are unable to attend the show at the time of the drawing...

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"This is our haus, we have to defend it."

It's the most wonderful time of the year at Peddinghaus! Snow is falling, business is booming and our production secrets are safe. We'd like to thank our industry partners for a prosperous 2018, and wish you a warm and cheerful holiday season throughout the globe. On behalf of the Peddinghaus family of employees, we are pleased to present thi...

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Text Keyword 'WINNER' to 69922

If you haven't already heard, Peddinghaus wants to jazz your shop up with a brand new 410-DG band saw worth up to $70,000! This heavy-duty band saw is the ideal solution for straight cutting and miter cutting of material. Superior clamping capabilities, laser line reference and rapid advance blade feed rate makes the 410-DG a seamless fit in any fabr...

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Your Go-To Guide for FABTECH Atlanta

With FABTECH 2018 just ONE week away, Peddinghaus is bringing you a special edition of PeddiNews! Find everything you need to know about the FMA-hosted event, including the newly-released CNC lineup from Peddinghaus! New technology, new projects, new partners and new fabricator spotlights lie ahead in issue 58. Don't forget to pick up your co...

Visit Booth #B7867 November 6th-8th

In just 1 month FABTECH is returning to Atlanta, Georgia for North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. Hosted by the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association (FMA), the annual exhibition will fill the halls of the World Congress Center with cutting-edge technology. Live inside the Peddinghaus booth, don...

fabtech 2018
View the New PeddiRotator Video

We all know waiting for an overhead crane on the shop floor can be timely and often hold up production. The PeddiRotator is designed to turn heavy loads such as beams and welded connections quickly and safely with a push of a button. When material exits a production line, keeping it in one location gives the welder access to every side of the materia...

beam rotator
View the New Peddi XDM-630 Video

Peddinghaus has successfully fused drilling, sawing and coping operations into a single fabrication center. By combining a high-speed drill line with a double miter cut band saw, the Peddi XDM-630 executes drilling and sawing in harmony. With the ability to be utilized as a primary fabrication system in a small to medium shop or to supplement a large...

drill saw combo
Visit Booth #122027 September 10th-15th

Peddinghaus and Agtos have partnered to create the best blasting machine for the structural steel industry. Both in production and cost savings, the PeddiBlast exceeds in providing your shop with unmatched quality. Providing the best results with the least amount of abrasive is essential to any shot blasting machine. By utilizing the PeddiBlast, fabr...

imts agtos peddiblast
My Peddinghaus Partnership: HGG

At Peddinghaus, we not only build machines; we build partnerships. These relationships with global industry leaders provide you with the latest advancements in machinery, software and support. With partners such as HGG, we combine structural forces to bring you the most powerful solutions like the PeddiBot-1200 robotic thermal processor. Based in the...

robotic plasma cutting
My Peddinghaus Story: Acier Select

Initially founded as a steel erection company, Acier Select has flourished into steel fabrication in Quebec, Canada. The rapidly-growing urban areas have led Acier Select to invest in steel fabrication technology to keep up with the busy market. The team at Acier Select is now able to deliver projects in record time since purchasing an Advantage dril...

shot blasting
Double Miter Band Saw

What machines and processes make your shop flow more effective? To some, a band saw is just another step in production; a cutting device that merely separates pieces of steel. At Peddinghaus we recognize that every part of your production relies upon this machine to maintain efficiency. If not properly designed and placed, a band saw can be the downf...

double miter band saw
Visit Booth #3543 May 2nd-4th

Peddinghaus Corporation returns to Mexico City May 2nd - 4th, 2018 for FABTECH Mexico! Over 13,000 industry professionals will gather to explore the 575 exhibiting booths at the Centro Citibanamex for the leading metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event for Latin America. Peddinghaus is proud to be exhibiting new technology and live CN...

fabtech mexico
View Your Favorite Moments From Booth #1808

The NASCC 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland has already passed us by! Peddinghaus presented this year's top technology for all of your fabrication needs including the debut of the Anglemaster-663, the PeddiStacker-2500 elevated plate storage machine and the PeddiAssembler robotic welder. Booth highlights also included the PeddiBot-1200 robotic thermal proc...

nascc 2018
Bringing You the Latest in Structural Steel News

With the NASCC just around the corner, Peddinghaus is bringing you a special edition of Peddi-TV! Be sure to visit booth #1808 to get the full Peddinghaus NASCC experience this April 11th-13th in Baltimore, Maryland. Tune in to this Peddi-TV installment as we share with you new projects, new machine technology and exciting surprises to come at NASCC...

sukup safe t homes peddibot-1200
Visit Booth #1808 April 11th-13th

It's that time of year for the only conference dedicated to structural steel: the NASCC! April 11th-13th, cutting-edge technology will fill the halls of the Baltimore Convention Center. Taking place this year in Baltimore, Maryland, the AISC-hosted event is expecting over 4,500 industry professionals in attendance. Peddinghaus' team of experts are ea...

nascc 2018
My Peddinghaus Story: JPW Companies, Inc.

Structural steel fabrication and erection is in the Wozniczka bloodline and leads them to fabricate everything from buildings to large trusses to bridges. JPW is an AISC approved fabricator as well as an ASME shop for design/build of pressure vessels and heat exchangers. Their versatility leads them to fabricate bridges for the New York DOT. ...

jpw companies
My Peddinghaus Story: AJAX

AJAX, an established steel fabrication company, continues to grow right alongside the beautiful city they have been serving for over 6 decades. Consisting of 400 employees in the shop, 200 in the office and an additional 300 at the erection sites in Mexico City, the tonnage AJAX produces is a true testament to their work ethic AJAX operates a...

My Peddinghaus Story: NAFCO

A family-driven company with an expertise in complex craftsmanship, North Alabama Fabricating Company (NAFCO) has increased their production by 500% in recent years. With the ability to drill, tap, countersink, slot mill, cope mill, scribe and miter saw cut, see how NAFCO fabricated and erected the 4,500 ton Marshall Space Flight Center through the u...


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